We hear it from our doctors, therapists, parents, and others that we need to find balance, but what is that really and how does it feel? You may be surprised to know that the answer is much more holistic and involves many factors and so the image of the scales with one or the other does not apply. Instead, think of one of those round balancing platforms with the ball or rounded underside that requires multi-directional adjustments. You should check in with yourself to make sure the balance has not become weighted in any area so you may fine tune your actions. Remember the most important rule: Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

We work to live, not live to work. Be sure you have set healthy boundaries, so you have breaks, rarely do work outside of standard hours, and not obsess over work challenges when not at work.

Look at how you spend your money and commit to stop or minimize frivolous spending. Instead, look at smart ways to save money for short term goals as well as long term. Financial security is important to our mental health in this world we live in.

When I say family, I do not necessarily mean blood relatives. Whomever you consider family, be sure you find time to connect regularly. I have coffee with my mother every Sunday morning for 2 hours and have done that for 2 years now. It is a ritual we both look forward to.

Are you moving enough? Is your nutrition complete? What can you do to create a better you physically, inside and out? When you feel good physically it impacts your psychological state positively.

We have to include a good time here and there to not be so serious. Go bowling with friends or family. Have a fun dinner party where you can relax and maybe play some silly games. Go dancing if that is your idea of fun. Just be sure to get a day or two where you can do something to just relax and unwind.

The rule here is quality over quantity. You are not defined by how many people are around you. Assess the friends you spend time with now and determine if there is a balanced give and take. Are they supportive of you and vice versa? Do you feel energized or fulfilled after spending time with them? These are real friends and should be cherished. Otherwise, minimizing time with those who are all about themselves will conserve your energy.

Personal Development
We are mean to learn and grow in this life, so this area has a lot of possibilities. Take a class, learn a language, start therapy, journal, or whatever you have always wanted to try. An art class, a class at the community college, an online course, golf lessons, improv classes for adults, writing classes, and so on. The opportunities are out there and waiting for you.

This does not necessarily translate to religion. If you subscribe to an organized religion, look at your commitment. Is it consistent and does it still resonate with you? Explore other options if you feel compelled to do so. Even if you do not subscribe to a religion, spirituality means you feel connected to something more than just your own energy. Meditation is a stepping stone and integrating this into daily practice creates that balance.

Establishing balance is a skill and with any skill you need to practice. The key is to be consistent and self-aware so over time you become accustomed to knowing when you are out of balance because you feel it. Learning anything new requires practice and this is no exception. I have full faith you can do it if you really want to. I wish you wonderful success in your efforts.