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Mecca Wagner-Brown therapist for stress and more

Mecca Wagner-Brown, CHt, cEFT2, CYT

Alternative Therapy Practitioner

About Mecca

Practicing meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, and energy balancing/healing at a very young age placed me on a path of mindfulness and an interest in healing. Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Kinesiology with an interest in human behavior, my life took a different path leading to a long tenure in the corporate world and my own personal healing journey. During this time, I obtained my Yoga Teacher Certification, Qigong teacher training, Hypnotherapist Certification, and Emotional Freedom Techniques Certification as I always intended to eventually step back on the path of my passion. I eventually took the leap to change careers later in life and opened my practice to offer a variety of services to help people live their best lives.

Since starting my practice, I have published two books, served as a founding member of Vision Journaling, been asked to speak to various groups about living in balance and using natural remedies to heal, and accepted the seat as Chair of the Board of Directors with the non-profit organization Crestone Freedom Project International. Sharing my energy, expertise, learnings, and guidance with the backing of a diverse lifetime of experiences is my purpose.

There are many spiritual paths to choose from but I do not subscribe to any. I am educated in them and have taken what resonates with me to create a life that some people may label as Taoist and some others may label as Earth-Based. I create a safe space for any and all beliefs and for those who are dedicated to a specific path, I attempt to integrate those practices and values into their healing journey.

We are spirit energy having a human experience and I am honored to take part in helping people make it a mindful and fulfilling one.

Peace, Love, and Light,


Mecca Wagner-Brown therapist for stress and more

Shayna Boyer

Alternative Therapy Practitioner

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