I remember when I was young and feeling that excitement when I was given a blank piece of paper. The excitement that rose up within me was palpable and I feel it now when thinking back. I even share in the pure joy of children today who are being entertained by the supply of paper, pencils, crayons, and markers. What shall we create today!

I have not lost that feeling of excitement and it is even more so when I purchase or am gifted a blank journal. Shall I write dreams? Note goals and accomplishments? Maybe write poetry and thoughts? I can also write down my fears, worries, and pain so the pages absorb them and heal me. I can make it a gratitude journal or an inspiration journal. The freedom to create is overwhelming.

Free will to do whatever you want on this blank piece of paper is pure joy. We have free will in our lives and every moment is a choice. Every day is a blank piece of paper and I get to decide what to write, what to create, and what to share with everyone around me. I get to choose because I am the author of my life, and the opportunities are limitless. What will you choose to create today?