You have heard sayings about us being our own worst critics. Think about how you speak to yourself out loud or in your mind. We are encouraged to show compassion for others, but what we also need to do is be compassionate with ourselves. You try something new and make a mistake, begin to berate yourself, and figure you will just give up. Instead, try saying out loud to yourself, “It’s ok. This is new, I am human, and I will just keep going.” Then just pick up where you left off and take another step forward.

You may have heard this before, but you may need to hear it again. If a close friend or family member made a mistake, wouldn’t you tell them not to be hard on themselves and encourage them to keep going? Why is it we do not do the same for ourselves? This is the key to self-love and mindfulness based cognitive therapy that not only practitioners like me use, but also formal counseling. I instruct my clients to be their own best friend.

Be conscious of your self-talk and start to change it. EFT can help resolve emotional trauma connected to statements and CBM assignments may complement. I am here if you need help.