There is credibility to the power writing holds for healing, manifesting, and changing our lives. Many studies have supported this and various programs and techniques have flourished from it.

Vision Boards: putting what you desire and what your goals are in a visual format that you see every day. You review it every morning, afternoon, evening and this energy of the mind and heart is projected into the universe which will then started coming ack to you.

Closure with Someone Passed: Writing a letter forgiving, venting and calling your power back, saying what was left unsaid, saying goodbye, etc. in a letter to someone who has passed and you do not have closure is very powerful. Once you write it, internalize it, and then sed it out into the ether, burn the letter and send it off with love and light.

Dream Journals: Writing down notes and snippets from dreams upon waking is important as you forget them usually very quickly. When you look back at them, you will be surprised what messages they hold for you. This is your subconscious and connection with source bringing forth guidance.

Meditation Journal: When you have become comfortable with meditation and can open up and really connect with the universal energy, you get messages, images, feelings, etc. Writing these down following your meditation has a similar impact as dream journals.

Manifestations: Writing daily your statements of Gratitude, Intentions, Goals, Desires, and Achievements make it “real” and not just a thought. A journal is non-judgmental and there are no limits to your dreams. Maybe you wanted to be a writer when you were young but life took you on a different journey. If you think about what kind of book you would like to write and give it a title, which could change later, your mind begins to absorb it until you can no longer stop thinking about it. Opportunities begin to arise related to writing and soon it becomes reality.

Make 2022 a year of healing and dreams! Shop for a journal that feels good to you, as there are all styles and sizes. Cherish the moments you write in it and may your year be filled with love, light, and joy.