Forgiveness is something harder to give than we realize because it is more than just words. It involves releasing and resolving the emotions and trauma along with it for it to be sincere. It is necessary for you to have your energy all within yourself for health and well-being but many walk around financing energy to these memories and events instead. Over long periods of time these same people being to experience issues and challenges physically, emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.

What makes a person toxic? Why does a person keep attracting the same dysfunctional relationship? Why does anxiety and depression take over a person’s life? What causes a person to get any one of the autoimmune diseases out there? The answer to all these questions is trauma and the depleted energy they have left to invest in themselves. Emotions of guilt, shame, and regret add weight as well.

The clients I work with always have people they need to forgive as well as forgiving themselves. We work through these one at a time using EFT and a particular forgiveness protocol to release the emotions from the body’s meridian and forgive. In addition, we call the power back into the body so the person will begin to have more energy invested in themselves. Every session is an amazing investigation as things come to light that people have dismissed and it is a gift to see them free themselves.

Where are you investing your energy if not 100% in yourself? Start making a list and revisit it daily for 2 weeks and watch how it grows. The more you dig, the more you find and the healing can truly begin.