About the Practitioner Mecca Wagner-Brown CHt CYT

Mecca Wagner-Brown CHt CYT

Mecca Wagner-Brown, CHt, CYT

Alternative Therapy Practitioner

About Me

I started my journey in college where I decided I really wanted to help people and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1992 with intent to do research or counsel. Life had other plans for me, so I found myself on a life changing journey for many years that has made me the person I am today. I look back and am amazed at the experiences, although not easy, and I smile at my resilience and growth. Today, I now have a menu of services including Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Cognitive/Behavioral Modification, QiGong, and Yoga. All of these practices have helped me grow and evolve and I now want to share it with those of you who share the same desires.

My Philosophy

I feel Hypnotherapy and other alternative therapies play a significant role in personal development and healthcare.

We all have different interpretations and challenges in this life which can have lasting and inhibiting impacts on our behavior, relationships, health, etc. Hypnotherapy, Cognitive/Behavioral Modifications, energy centered practices, and meditation can help a person in how they respond to the world around them and how they perceive these actions. This can reduce stress and anxiety as well as help with self-esteem. This then starts changing your experiences into proactive instead of reactive which is a more positive energy that radiates inside of yourself and out to those around you. This has been said by many others, but I can say when a person is radiating negativity and anger and you remain calm and compassionate, that energy of the other person starts to change. I believe alternative therapies can significantly help a person with their own life and the lives of those around them.

I truly believe excessive and/or extreme negative thoughts/experiences can manifest itself into health issues and that your mind can reverse these. I am by no means a medical doctor or licensed psychologist so I cannot give formal advice but I can encourage each person to do their own research and make their own decisions. It has been studied and proven that negative experiences generate toxic energy which is then stored in muscles and organs of any living creature. This is why, when I do eat meat, I am very conscious of the raising and slaughter of these animals. I have again turned toward a predominant vegetarian diet (pescatarian for now) and do notice the difference, so this tells me even the most humane methods do not eliminate the ingestion of negative energy. 

Energy you radiate has an impact on everything around you. Your personal relationship, your friendships, your children, your pets, and even plants. People laugh when they say their mother’s food taste better than when she makes it even though it is made the same and this is because of the intense love energy only your mother can put into it. I always say, never cook when you are angry because the food will not taste as good and maybe even taste horrible. My kitchen is my calm space where I keep it very clean, organized, and love a glass of wine and some great music to create flavors that I may sit and enjoy, nourishing my body in the most harmonious way.

I feel every person wants to be a better version of themselves and to enjoy life more, but it is not an easy task. It takes effort and determination to change and alternative therapies can help with this. I can testify to the effectivenes of these from a personal perspective. I truly and deeply believe your mind and life energy is very powerful and we can benefit from tapping into that so our health and our experiences are energetically balanced and harmonious to ensure the quality of our lives is the best it can be. I am honored to help anyone who considers being one of my clients; entrusting me with a small part of their journey and evolution.