“I can’t meditate. I tried and it does not work for me.”

I hear this from people all the time and I tell them everyone can meditate. The challenge is you don’t want to because it is too painful.

Society has become busier and louder over the generations where today we have constant social media presence, corporations demanding more time of salaried employees, the need for televisions to be on for ‘background noise’, phones attached to us like appendages, falling asleep with the television on, and so on. These are all drowning out the voice inside you and if you stop to meditate in silence, you may not like what you hear.

You may hear regrets, guilt, trauma, fear, sadness, anxiousness, helplessness, and negative narratives. In order to protect yourself, your conscious mind jumps back into action to start the noise. You need to answer all the emails, the dinner you need to plan, the errands you should run, financial stressors, your child’s game and you need to bring snacks, that dentist appointment you need to make, etc.

Dr Rebecca Ray wrote, “Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Even though you want to run. Even when it’s heavy and difficult. Even though you’re not quite sure of the way through. Healing happens by feeling.” Meditation can bring these to the surface so you may heal. Many need assistance to help heal which is what I do as an Alternative Practitioner. You may also contact a Psychologist, Licensed Practicing Counselor, or other resources who assist with your specific pain.

I encourage you to try meditating and keeping a journal nearby to write things down as they come to you and find a way to heal or seek help. You will find that as you heal, your life, mind, and body will become more quiet and finally, you will meditate. Starting to raise your vibration and truly connect to the universal energy around you.